Who doesn't love a green, blooming balcony? Well, I love that way too much. Going through my google photos on a leisure evening, I found many of my photos are in between plants..flowers...trees...in my terrace garden..! Yes! I do have a terrace garden (my Dad's effort ofc!) I get immense pleasure in nurturing plants...watering them...sowing different seeds...Well..I got it from my dad!! Yes my naanna loves gardening too much...that no wonder he even wanted to buy a organic farm and build a small house in between the farm for him and my amma to live in that. Eventually he made our two-storey building's terrace into a terrace garden with organic veggies and fruits. We have various bonsai and fruit trees like Orange,Mosambi, Mango, Guava, Amla, Pomegranate at our home. Especially Mnago we have like 5-6 trees growing at our place. Veggies be like Tomato, Tindora, Various leafy vegetables, Brinjal, Drumsticks an many more.

This particular plant I received as a gift from one of my friends....the wonder behind this is in winters this plant turns its leaves into red color and in summer it remains green!!

Have an ice cream jar πŸ˜œ...turn it like this