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Vegan for a week!!

Updated: May 20, 2020

I hope you are coping well and staying healthy despite our present circumstances worldwide. I miss the way it was before, going for hikes on the weekend, leisurely shopping at the market, giving my friends and family big hugs when I saw them. And I especially miss not having to worry that my family might get sick. Yet, like most of us, I am coping and finding joy and ease in this new way of life. I found myself spending a lot of time during this quarantine in cooking and eating heart fully like every recipe I find delicious (like literally every dish!!!), So staying home is fun until you notice that you’re putting on weight ☹️ So I’ve decided to cut on food, maintain a proper diet which resulted in trying Vegan for a week!! Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can seem really daunting but often the idea of a big lifestyle change is a lot scarier than actually doing it. So after quite a research, I found numerous recipes which were actually yummm! I prepared a weekly plan including Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner which is all vegan. Here are the recipes which I really liked. It is actually a good thing to change eating habits. The vegan diet is all nutritious and yummy of course. it even helps people who want to lose weight. Check them out and try them for sure 😊. Let me know in the comments section if you try any of these recipes. Happy Vegan😀.

Breakfast Ideas

Chia Oats

My current favorite to go breakfast --> Overnight chilled oats!!

  • Put 1/2 cup oats in a jar.

  • Mix 1/4 cup chia seeds

  • Pour in 1 cup milk or almond milk or any other plant based milk to jar.

  • Stir in a pinch of cinnamon, and a quick drizzle of maple syrup(optional).

  • Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight or at least 1 hr before eating.

  • Top it off with berries, kiwi and any other fruits of your choice!!

Avocado smoothie bowl

Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1/2 ripe avocado

  • 1 medium banana

  • 1/2 cup mixed berries use strawberries/raspberries for a greener smoothie// darker berries for a purple smoothie

  • 1 large handfuls spinach

  • 1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk

  • 1/2 Tbsp flaxseed meal

  • 1 Tbsp salted creamy almond or peanut butter


  • Granola

  • Roasted unsalted sunflower seeds

  • Raw or roasted nuts

  • Shredded unsweetened coconut

  • Fresh berries


  • Add all smoothie ingredients to a blender and blend until creamy and smooth. Add more almond milk (or water) to thin.

  • Top with desired toppings!

  • Best when fresh, though leftovers can be kept in jars in the fridge for up to 1-2 days.

Avocado Toast

  • Toast wheat bread slice

  • Mash 1/2 avocado and spread it on the bread slice

  • Slice 1 cherry tomato and top the bread slice

  • Add some chili flakes for extra flavor

Yogurt bowl

  • Take 3/4th cup low fat Non- diary yogurt

  • Top it with Berries, desired nuts and maple syrup!!


Roasted chickpeas

  • 250 grms cooked Chickpeas

  • 1 tbl spoon Olive oil

  • Mix Chickpeas with oil and salt. Season with pepper powder.

  • Spread the chickpeas in a single layer on a baking sheet.

  • Roast in the oven for 35 minutes.

Apple with Almond Coconut Dip

  • 1 Apple

  • 1 tbl spoon Almond butter

  • 1 tbl spoon Coconut milk

  1. Mix together almond butter and coconut milk. Top it off with sea salt.

  2. Cut apple into wedges.

  3. Dip it! Eat it!!

Nut and Seed Mix

  • 30 grms Dried Apricots - cut into small pieces

  • 30 grms Almonds

  • 30 grms Pumpkin seeds

Mix all the ingredients an munch on it!!

For lunch and snack ideas checkout the other posts!! Thank you guys!! Love y'all😚❤️ Lunch and Dinner ideas:

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