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From Biryani to Maple Syrup🍁

Holaaa!!! Hope you are doing great. How are you coping up with the boredom..ughhh😫!! I am super bored these days. Out of the boredom, got an idea of blogging this post which I wanted to do from a long time. So here I am going to share my experience of moving to Canada😁.

I came to Canada for my masters in Business Analysis in September 2019 from Conestoga College, Kitchener.

So, here it starts. I worked with Electronic Arts back in Hyderabad when I decided to apply for Canadian colleges. Parallelly, I applied for the US visa (F1), which I got rejected😖. Did my own research along with the consultancy's guidance and selected Conestoga college. Got admit in Jan'19. Attended medicals test in March. And applied for Visa in July (due to my US/ Canada confusion which resulted in a lot of time waste🤯). Got my visa after 30 days almosttttt😑!!! So I got visa by hand by August 23rd, College starts from August 27th 🥴. I haven't booked the flight ticket, So it costed me a huge amount around 1 Lakh 55k 🙄...hmmmmm... now starts the hunting....medical appointments...😵😤

Finally boarded the flight on 28th morning from Hyderabad leaving family for the first time ever. Leaving all my lovable addas...Hyderabadi food😭. My first layover is in London for 6 hours...upon that due to flight delay it got extended to a total of 9 hrs🙄. My second layover is in Calgary, Canada. Lol, I missed my connecting flight to Toronto due to the delay in the Immigration process.I managed to take other flight at free of cost provided by airlines and finally reached Toronto after 29 hours journey😇.

A close friend of mine came to pick at the airport. You have finally landed in Canada and are now a new immigrant. When you come out of the airport and take your first breath of Canadian air, it finally hits you.....all those months of running around for getting documents ready, making photo-copies, getting signatures, depositing cheques has led up to this moment 🤩.

Now what?

Exploring the city and learning about the transportation options available. Get familiar with the bus and ION (train) system. Walk around, get a feel of the place. Locate the nearest Walk-in Clinic and Hospital. Find a grocery store. Learning the basic map of the city I have landed in. Getting bonded over "Timmies", Tim Horton's, the Nation's favorite coffee😄.

All these took me around 4-5 days to get habituated to complete the daily routines.

Weather in September is pretty reliable with the worst-case scenarios not being bad at all. The average temperature is comfortable in the 13c with the sun setting at 8.30pm. Snow didn't start until December, but rain is a possibility in spring. Just a casual jacket with your tunics is a good to go outfit.

I have got a part-time job as a waitress in a south Indian restaurant...which was not a steady one though.....getting to eat south Indian cuisine over there made me compromise to work🤪.

December ...and out comes the boots, coats, gloves and hats. This is part of life in Canada...and if you are thinking of moving have to learn how to embrace it. Of course, part of Canadian life is also complaining about the weather no matter what it is 😝!! My first Winter, my advice is to spend some money and get a really good quality coat/jacket and good boots. Boots have to take care of -25 and below temperatures and make sure to wear woollen socks. If we are going to be walking around a lot in the snow to walk to the bus stop snow boots are a must. I have also, got used to wearing layers including thermals underneath pants/jeans and shirts. Thermals and every layer of clothing you have on, traps a layer of heat between you and the cold air.

Least not to mention the people, Canadians are super friendly. People here are known to be some of the most polite, tactful, and peace-loving human beings on the planet🤗.

I'm also excited to start exploring Canada further, and even made a bucket list to visit around.. and beyond into the region of the Americas...umm maybe after this COVID!!

Timmies everywhere

Gifts from a professor for Chrstmas

So now we want to hear from those of you who live – or have explored Canada. Where should we be putting on our Canadian bucket-list and why? Tell me more in the comments section below!!

Make sure to check out my other travel posts in Canada😁 Stay home Stay safe😊

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