• Sravya


Updated: May 20

Chicopee Tube Park is a year-round recreation facility in Kitchener.​​ We went on a Wednesday evening as there will is an ongoing offer for students like lift tickets for all activities come for $25!! All the activities include skiing, Zip lining, Snowboarding and Tubing( We thought 😑!!!), but turns out Tubing park is different from skiing we turned back to Chicopee tube park as our evening's agenda is only tubing cz we have planned skiing and other activities to be done at Blue mountains, our next trip!!! We have reached Chicopee Tube park which is 5 mins distance from there. We got passes for 2 hours which cost $28. There is a weekend offer for students on Saturday but we didn't want to back home without tubing, so we decided to do tubing that day. The hill at Chicopee Tube Park is 250 ft high and 900 ft long and with 6 different chutes for tubing. A carpet conveyor belt carries tubers and tubes back to the top to enjoy another run, although it is fun to climb the hill carrying the tube for 2- 3 rounds, you'll eventually get drained and it wastes your time.

We did 4 trips in the 2 hours (we were already exhausted by then😫!), although we were told when buying the tickets we could do around 8 trips. Very fun and very fast. Good for all ages. After hours of playing in the snow, we warm up in the Chalet Cafe(It seemed good and cozy, didn't try though)